George is

your new, innovative and computerized storage tower system which enables you to store and outsource small parts quickly and efficiently. With lots of advantages GEORGE is able to increase the productivity inside your company.


George saves space

A normal warehouse needs a lot of space because the shelves going into width. With George now you can use also the hight of your storeroom. This space is normaly unused up to now – isn’t it?


George saves time

With the paging function on the touch screen panel every employee will be much quicker than any warehouseman surching for parts in your stock. As a supply stock directly at the assembly area it saves a lot of legwork! George saves precious time – time which is normaly spent by searching goods!


George saves money

Our development department considered from the beginning not only optimum performance, but also a very reasonable price which will fit in your budget. For more information please request our pricelist.

That’s how it works

Take your screws, rivets, small parts or hand devices and lay them into a provided eurocontainer. Put the box to the input/output gate, log in at the touch screen with your password and press the STORE button. George will ask you which goods you want to store, select an already existing one, scan the article code or redefine a new article. Confirm the operation by input and the box will be stored automaticaly.

Take out items/boxes:
The same process backwards, select the article and push the outsource button. The device leads the eurocontainer to the input/output gate. Finished!



George is easy to use

Simple touchscreen operations giving also unskilled users the possibility to work fast and efficiently with George. No training period needed – no technical fear hurdles for your employees. Just as simple as using a smartphone! A comprehensive search function and an integrated scanner increase the productivity.



George is scaleable

George grows with your company. It’s easy to put a second or third device, maybe in a different hight,
beside your existing one, 5 hights and 2 width are available, special sizes possible upon request.

George 34-22
Content up to 95 ELB*
Volume: ~ 1,323 m³
Height: 2,2 m
Width/depth: 2,06 x 2,06 m
George 34-32
Content up to 195 ELB*
Volume: ~ 3,255 m³
Height: 3,2 m
Width/depth: 2,06 x 2,06 m
George 34-42
Content up to 203 ELB*
Volume: ~ 4,263 m³
Height: 4,2 m
Width/depth: 2,06 x 2,06 m
George 34-52
Content up to 263 ELB*
Volume: ~ 5,523 m³
Height: 5,2 m
Width/depth: 2,06 x 2,06 m
George 34-62
Content up to 311 ELB*
Volume: ~ 6,531 m³
Height: 6,2 m
Width/depth: 2,06 x 2,06 m

* ELB = Euroleichtbehälter
Größe: 400 x 300 x 200 mm
Abweichende Größen erhältlich



Cleanliness and tidiness is a must in every company.
George comes with a closed cover and a nice looking body.
Your eyes don’t see a worried shelve situation but a clean and design oriented device in perfect shape!


We are looking for investors.
If you are interessted request our full business plan.

iInvestor info


Volker Hoffschmidt


Want to be part of the team?
Please see our below listed job offers and ask for more by phone or email.


Markus Rottmann

Fachkraft für Metalltechnik, Fachrichtung Konstruktionstechnik

für die Fertigung und Weiterentwicklung der Systeme


für den weltweiten Aufbau der Anlagen

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News / Events / Exhibitions

  • news2

    Logimat 2017

    We will exhibit on the LogiMAT 2017 in Stuttgart from 14th to 16th of March 2017 Feel free to visit our booth also for a nice cold German beer!

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    Open Week

    We will have an open week in our company from 29th May to 02nd June 2017.

    You are kindly invited to visit us in our company if you want to see GEORGE in action. Registration ducuments under download